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Supported By Teachers

eCarrot’s technology has been significantly tested in classrooms around the country and has gained the adamant support of teachers and principles. Whether being used as part of a school’s math program or as a way to balance children’s recreational and educational usage during “free time” with technology, eCarrot Math has won teachers over for its ability to engage, inspire and motivate young students.

Teachers report increases in students’ enthusiasm, interest and ability in math after only a few days of implementing eCarrot Math on school-supplied tablets. Because of the positive impact eCarrot has had in the classroom, teachers involved in the pilot studies have encouraged parents to install eCarrot on their children’s own phones and tablets to help children gain an educational edge and learn to use their screen time responsibly.

eCarrot has been piloted in dozens of classrooms and used with more than a thousand children. We have worked with private, public and charter schools as well as an orphanage in India. While eCarrot’s software is capable of providing immediate feedback relative to performance in select cases we conducted more formal assessments (by using paper and pencil evaluations) utilizing both traditional timed assessments as well as more formal national standardized tests. Regardless of assessment mechanism used or demographic profile of children, the results are consistent for the majority of children.

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Validated By Science

Solid, tested, proven fundamentals from behavioral science and neuroscience are behind the design and engineering of the eCarrot’s platform and suite of apps—fundamentals that create an enriched technology experience where children are excited to learn and to use their screen time responsibly.

eCarrot’s apps have been heavily influenced by the input of a number of licensed and certified scientists from the fields of learning science, behavioral science and neuroscience. Together, the team of scientists and researchers has helped eCarrot design a platform to support a suite of apps that capitalizes on the power of technology and digital content to enhance learning.

At the core of our platform is the simple concept of “learn-to-earn.” Extensive independent studies have shown that children can be empowered when they are involved in the process of establishing the parameters of learning and related rewards. The amount of research that has gone into the continued development of eCarrot’s platform and suite of apps has truly helped us transform smart devices so kids again see access to their smart devices as a privilege rather than a right.

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Embraced By Parents

By helping kids become smarter and more responsible on their phones/tablets, eCarrot allows parents to see smart devices differently and promote healthy behaviors and boundaries when it comes to technology use. By letting kids learn-to-earn screen time for free play, eCarrot gives parents a welcome alternative to taking away their child’s smart device when they overuse it.

Invented by parents for parents, eCarrot apps are designed to complement the parameters you already have in place for you family with regard to technology use. The eCarrot platform provides parents with peace of mind because children are granted screen time only after completing targeted academic exercises correctly—guaranteeing kids are advancing themselves every time they use their smart devices for recreational use.





Loved By Kids

Kids can’t get enough of the technology-rich world we live in, and eCarrot’s apps help them find a healthy balance between education and recreation while on their smartphones and tablets. eCarrot’s suite of apps applies what new research continues to uncover about how children learn through technology.

We’ve taken timeless education principles, mixed in the power of science and designed a suite of apps that help learning and technology play together so your kids get smarter, faster—all while learning how to sensibly use their smart devices. And the best part? Kids love the apps. They love setting goals and earning play time. They love getting faster and reaching new difficulty levels. They love getting smarter in their school subjects. Simply put, they love eCarrot and the confidence it brings them in improving their academics.

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eCarrot's Suite of Apps

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  • “My kids are engaged and learning. I am able to sit with the one child at a time because the others are motivated and engaged!” Michelle T., 1st Grade Teacher
  • “It is like doing homework and getting a reward.” 8 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is great working with my students with Autism. They get to choose what they are working for on the tablet, so they are motivated to do the work. It really gives the students a lot of input in their learning and practice.” Ann R., Teenagers (Combined) Teacher
  • “We like that we have to earn the time for the fun.” 7 Year Old
  • “The children are telling other students about the fun they are having.” Lisa N., 2nd Grade Teacher
  • “You have to work your brain a lot.” 9 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is turning over their performance into other assignments and their math scores are improving.” Mandi F., 3rd - 5th (Combined) Teacher
  • “It gives you time to learn and then time to play games.” 10 Year Old
  • “What a great way to help our kids improve their math scores and abilities.” Matt S., ED, Boys & Girls Club Chapter
  • “I feel happy and excited, it is great.” 7 Year Old