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Introducing eCarrot

Introducing eCarrot!

Welcome to eCarrot, the world’s first suite of apps to help kids get smarter and become more time-responsible with technology. Available on smartphones and tablets, eCarrot apps challenge kids to complete educational exercises before they can access all the fun stuff they love–games, movies, web surfing. With eCarrot apps, kids have to earn their free time, therefore the amount of recreational time they bank depends on how much time they spent learning. We’ve taken the valuable principle of work-equals-reward to create a tool for parents that helps their kids learn screen-time responsibility–all while becoming smarter in subjects like math and spelling.

The first app we’re launching is eCarrot Arithmetic (available now), which is part of the eCarrot Math series. eCarrot Arithmetic lets kids exchange correct answers to “flash-card” math questions for minutes of “free play” screen time. Kids are eager to complete the age-appropriate math problems because it gives them access to all the videos, games and fun they have on their smart devices. Therefore, because kids can’t bypass the eCarrot Arithmetic (except for emergency calls), their smartphone or tablet-use guarantees results towards mastery and fluency in math. Remember, they only get access to their fun stuff when they bank time by correctly answering math questions.

Part parental control app and part education app, eCarrot Arithmetic (and all apps in the eCarrot suite) is changing how parents see smart devices.

eCarrot: Designed by Parents, for Parents

Being parents ourselves, we were frustrated with the apps available to help ensure our kids were spending time on their smart devices learning–not just playing games. Before we developed and started using eCarrot apps ourselves, we were aggravated by the rift created between us and our kids when we had to step in as the “bad guys” and restrict or deny screen time. As all parents today know, access to technology is like oxygen to our kids; it’s just part of living in this technology-rich world. Denying them of their social circles, their games and their access to the internet can stir up a mess of unnecessary conflict between children and parents. With eCarrot, we’ve found a way to empower the kids and give their parents the peace of mind of knowing their kids are spending time on education for a portion of the time they are using their smart devices. And, because the settings are customizable, you get to designate just how much time a child earns for “free time” with every correct answer. Now that’s using smart devices smartly.

Supported by science and education, eCarrot’s suite of apps is revolutionizing our perception of how our kids use their smart phones and tablets. So welcome to the eCarrot family, where we believe smarter tech use equals smarter kids.

-Patrick and Linda, Concerned Parents / Creators of eCarrot

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  • “My kids are engaged and learning. I am able to sit with the one child at a time because the others are motivated and engaged!” Michelle T., 1st Grade Teacher
  • “It is like doing homework and getting a reward.” 8 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is great working with my students with Autism. They get to choose what they are working for on the tablet, so they are motivated to do the work. It really gives the students a lot of input in their learning and practice.” Ann R., Teenagers (Combined) Teacher
  • “We like that we have to earn the time for the fun.” 7 Year Old
  • “The children are telling other students about the fun they are having.” Lisa N., 2nd Grade Teacher
  • “You have to work your brain a lot.” 9 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is turning over their performance into other assignments and their math scores are improving.” Mandi F., 3rd - 5th (Combined) Teacher
  • “It gives you time to learn and then time to play games.” 10 Year Old
  • “What a great way to help our kids improve their math scores and abilities.” Matt S., ED, Boys & Girls Club Chapter
  • “I feel happy and excited, it is great.” 7 Year Old