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Helping Your Kids Learn with eCarrot, Learning Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

Equal parts education app and time-management app, eCarrot Math is changing the way children interact with their smart devices. The eCarrot Math app gives children an educational edge while also ensuring they use their smart devices in healthy, appropriate, time-responsible ways. At eCarrot we’re helping to change the way parents think about smart devices by showing you all you can do for your kids to help them make smart choices with their technology.

Supported by neuroscience and behavior/learning science, the eCarrot Math app ensures your child completes a series of age-appropriate math problems in order to bank time that can be cashed in for recreational use on their device–such as playing games, watching videos, interacting with friends or browsing. Installing eCarrot Math on your child’s smart device allows you to play a part in helping your child interact with technology in beneficial, responsible ways. Even when you’re not there to oversee how they are using their smartphone or tablet, eCarrot is there to ensure they are completing education before earning time to spend freely.

Haven’t purchased your child their own smartphone or device? No problem. eCarrot Math can be installed on a parent’s phone and turned on only when allowing your child access to the device. Then, the app is simply bypassed by the parent when they enter their password and wish to use the phone for themselves.

eCarrot Math: Helping you to help your child become smarter and more time responsible when on their smart devices.

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  • “My kids are engaged and learning. I am able to sit with the one child at a time because the others are motivated and engaged!” Michelle T., 1st Grade Teacher
  • “It is like doing homework and getting a reward.” 8 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is great working with my students with Autism. They get to choose what they are working for on the tablet, so they are motivated to do the work. It really gives the students a lot of input in their learning and practice.” Ann R., Teenagers (Combined) Teacher
  • “We like that we have to earn the time for the fun.” 7 Year Old
  • “The children are telling other students about the fun they are having.” Lisa N., 2nd Grade Teacher
  • “You have to work your brain a lot.” 9 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is turning over their performance into other assignments and their math scores are improving.” Mandi F., 3rd - 5th (Combined) Teacher
  • “It gives you time to learn and then time to play games.” 10 Year Old
  • “What a great way to help our kids improve their math scores and abilities.” Matt S., ED, Boys & Girls Club Chapter
  • “I feel happy and excited, it is great.” 7 Year Old