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No More Being the Bad Guy

With eCarrot apps, you’re letting your children determine for themselves how much recreational time they spend on their smartphone or tablet based on how much time they first earn through learning. We call it "Learn-to-Earn." Encourage your kids to manage their screen time responsibly and avoid battles over their tech use.


Rapid Results

Children are more engaged when they see their work translate into immediate and measurable progress. eCarrot provides instant feedback so they can improve their speed and learn from the problems they answer incorrectly and gain an Educational Edge! You’ll also receive relevant summaries about how much time your child is earning and using on their smart devices.


Custom Encouragement: Atta Boy! Atta Girl!

Easily send your child encouraging, personalized feedback as they progress through the difficulty levels quicker and with more accuracy. With eCarrot’s revolutionary Remote Rewards program children will love receiving your acknowledgment unexpectedly—and you can send it with the simple push of a button.


Increasing Difficulty

eCarrot’s settings automatically increase or decrease the difficulty level for your child. By using Proprietary Algorithms eCarrot’s platform ensures that your children are working towards relevant and dynamic objectives designed to keep children highly engaged. Review the reports to see if your child is speeding through the problems or finding them challenging.


More or Less Free Time: You Decide

With our highly customizable reward settings you can easily select the amount of fun screen time your child is rewarded for each correct answer. In fact, you can even deduct time for incorrect answers if you are trying to discourage guessing— giving you Peace of Mind. Also, children get to determine how often to reward themselves with their screen time so children feel Empowered.


Multiple Users

Do your kids share one device? eCarrot allows you to set up one device for multiple users, each with different difficulty settings and independent time banks. Customized Settings follow the user from one device to another. Do you share a smart device with your children? eCarrot has a simple feature that allows you to turn eCarrot on when your kids are using your device, but allows you to bypass it when using the device yourself.

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eCarrot's Suite of Apps

Choose from Subjects that Meet Your Child’s Needs and Preferences
eCarrot apps now available for Android. Coming soon to iOS.  
  • “My kids are engaged and learning. I am able to sit with the one child at a time because the others are motivated and engaged!” Michelle T., 1st Grade Teacher
  • “It is like doing homework and getting a reward.” 8 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is great working with my students with Autism. They get to choose what they are working for on the tablet, so they are motivated to do the work. It really gives the students a lot of input in their learning and practice.” Ann R., Teenagers (Combined) Teacher
  • “We like that we have to earn the time for the fun.” 7 Year Old
  • “The children are telling other students about the fun they are having.” Lisa N., 2nd Grade Teacher
  • “You have to work your brain a lot.” 9 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is turning over their performance into other assignments and their math scores are improving.” Mandi F., 3rd - 5th (Combined) Teacher
  • “It gives you time to learn and then time to play games.” 10 Year Old
  • “What a great way to help our kids improve their math scores and abilities.” Matt S., ED, Boys & Girls Club Chapter
  • “I feel happy and excited, it is great.” 7 Year Old