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eCarrot Math


eCarrot Arithmetic, the first commercial app in our eCarrot Math Series, helps kids learn to self-manage their screen time and get smarter at math facts. Literally, children exchange correct answers to arithmetic questions for minutes of “free play” screen time, which guarantees results towards mastery and fluency.

Just like all of the eCarrot apps, the eCarrot Math Series is designed to challenge kids to complete educational exercises before they can access all the fun stuff on their smart phones and tablets.


With eCarrot Arithmetic the children are immediately introduced to a progressively challenging set of questions until they are practicing the most appropriate level of difficulty. It all happens automatically and parents get periodic progress reports via email that allow them to provide additional encouragement at the touch of a button.

The amount of recreation time children earn depends on how much time they accumulate getting smarter by correctly solving arithmetic problems.

Supported by parents, scientists and teachers, the eCarrot Math Series was designed to take full advantage of everything research tells us about how kids learn through technology. eCarrot’s proprietary platform includes an intuitive program that was designed around five well established, proven learning strategies, collectively known as RAISE:


eCarrot is helping to RAISE expectations of how children use smart technology. By downloading eCarrot Arithmetic you will receive periodic reports of your child’s progress so you can watch your child RAISE their math fluency and confidence.

Try eCarrot Arithmetic now and help your kids get smarter and become more time-responsible in the e-world.

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*Other stimulating apps in the eCarrot Math series coming soon!

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eCarrot apps now available for Android. Coming soon to iOS.  
  • “My kids are engaged and learning. I am able to sit with the one child at a time because the others are motivated and engaged!” Michelle T., 1st Grade Teacher
  • “It is like doing homework and getting a reward.” 8 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is great working with my students with Autism. They get to choose what they are working for on the tablet, so they are motivated to do the work. It really gives the students a lot of input in their learning and practice.” Ann R., Teenagers (Combined) Teacher
  • “We like that we have to earn the time for the fun.” 7 Year Old
  • “The children are telling other students about the fun they are having.” Lisa N., 2nd Grade Teacher
  • “You have to work your brain a lot.” 9 Year Old
  • “eCarrot is turning over their performance into other assignments and their math scores are improving.” Mandi F., 3rd - 5th (Combined) Teacher
  • “It gives you time to learn and then time to play games.” 10 Year Old
  • “What a great way to help our kids improve their math scores and abilities.” Matt S., ED, Boys & Girls Club Chapter
  • “I feel happy and excited, it is great.” 7 Year Old